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Richard Seibert
(Photo by Alexander Razo-Myers 2013)


While I've been a letterpress printer for twenty years now, I was a chef for twenty years before I learned how to print.

Apparently you can take a chef out of the kitchen, but you can't take the cook out of a chef! I still think of what I do as cooking, only for the eyes now instead of the mouth.

All of these prints began in my kitchen at home when I noticed some combination of fresh ingredients that seemed to capture something essential about cooking.

Fennel & Shallots     11 x 17     $80
Maybe it's an onion that sat forgotten in a bowl too long ...
sprouting onion
Sprouting Onion     11 x 17     $60
or maybe the promise of a rich stock from a few carrots and herbs —
carrot & herbs
Carrot & Herbs     11 x 17     $80
It could be some nasturtiums I couldn't resist harvesting from my neighbor's fence,
Nasturtiums     11 x 17     $60
or even just my knives waiting patiently to be used.
Panoply     11 x 17     $80
Sometimes inspiration comes with something fresh a friend brings over, straight from her garden harvest,
Robert's Kumquats     11 x 17     $120
and other times it spills out with the green beans from the steamer basket I accidentally knock over.
green beans
Green Beans & Colander     11 x 17     $80
Sometimes it is as composed as a still-life,
6 Pears     11 x 17     $120
and other times it's more spontaneous, & fresh off the vine.
Red & Green Tomatoes     11 x 17     $80

But whatever it is, cooking offers so much rich and varied sensuous activity, there is no end to the possibilities it presents!



Collaborations with Fritz Springmeyer

In addition to my solo work on Kitchen Studies, I frequently work with artist Fritz Springmeyer, and some of these broadsides are still available.

In 2011 Fritz came up with an apple image to accompany my translation of Sappho's second fragment which we did as a broadside for the deluxe edition of the Fine Press Book Association's Parenthesis Magazine.

Sappho Broadside
Sappho's Apples     11 x 15    out of print

In 2012 we worked on another broadside for the FPBA, this time Fritz fused two classical themes, that of the red figure vase with the Three Graces to complement my translation of an Ancareon poem.

Anacreon Broadside
Anacreon's Three Graces     7 x 11     out of print

Also in 2012, for the one year anniversary of the Fukushima crisis following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Fritz brought me a poem written by a Fukushima farmer, Maeda Arata, expressing his bitterness at the government over the Fukushima nuclear contamination. The poem was translated by Andrew Barshay and edited by Fusako de Angelis. We shipped the bulk of these broadsides to Japan to help raise money for recovery.

Amid Invisible Terror Broadside
Amid Invisible Terror     9⅜ x 20     out of print

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Kitchen Studies are currently available exclusively here, from my personal site. Just use the PayPal "Buy Now" button below the print you are interested in. Once I receive your order, I will ship it flat with in three to five days by FedEx second day. Sales tax will be added to orders shipped in California, and a $20 shipping and Handling fee will be added to all orders (multiple prints shipped to the same address at the same time will only incur a single s&h charge).

Contact Information

I can be reached most easily at the email address at the top of the page,, but you can also call me at 510-845-8566.

If you are in the Bay Area and would like to stop by, I am happy to give you a studio tour. Please contact me first so I know when to expect you.


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Richard Seibert
(Photo by Sophie Aissen 2008)

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